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Future Ponderings

June 28, 2012

I’ve been thinking lately about what I’m going to do after graduation this fall. At first glance, my future seems moderately secure: the studio I’ve interned twice at wants to hire me upon graduation, which I’ve readily accepted. Prop making, while not my initial career path, is such a great fit for me that I can hardly believe it. Working at the studio, while busy, also gives me time to freelance or create work for myself.

This has me thinking of ways to continue learning and growing as an artist, as cheesy as that sounds. One of the ways I could do this is a residency. There’s one being offered in my home state of Nebraska. It looks like it’s flexible dates, housing and studio space is provided, and they even have a letterpress studio! There’s also a residency in the US Capitol for creating something that will help teach the public about the art and architecture of the Capitol. That one has a huge stipend, probably to accommodate the cost of living in the area, and I’d love to do all the research that goes with that position. The only barrier is that you need to be, at minimum, a prospective graduate student, and I’m not sure that I’m prepared for grad school, mentally or economically.

Just me thinking out loud.

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