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Updated: Shipping Art

March 19, 2012

UPDATE: Heard back from inPRNT right away. They seem genuinely kind and concerned! The rep I had contact with said that if I had reported it to them first, they would have filed all the claims and sent a new print right away, but now they have to contact UPS and see if they can speed the process up. I will definitely be getting prints from them again (preferably giant ones that come in tubes), because they are prompt and courteous!


Well, folks, now it’s time to look at what happens when art is shipped incorrectly or when your carrier mangles the package. This print was purchased from inPRNT, which have a lot of great prints at good prices. I purchased this as a birthday present for my fiancé, so I was excited when it showed up today, ready to frame.

Or so I thought.


Look at those creases! They go right through the artwork!

ImageI can’t frame that, it’d look terrible! Now, I’m lucky in that MCAD has these giant hot presses that can be used to flatten art, but before I do that (and risk colours changing or paper getting even weirder), I’m hanging onto everything: packaging, art, mailer, all of it. I’ve got some photos of the damage below. I already filed a claim with UPS, and I’m emailing inPRNT as well to see if we can get this sorted out.

A photo of the back of the print. Those creases should NOT be there.

The cardboard surrounding the print, backside.

Inside view.

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