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Senior Project: The Pitch

February 17, 2012

“Senior Project is a semester-long project developed by an individual student in consultation with a faculty member. Senior Project can take the form of a research project, an in-depth illustration problem, or the development of a particular strength, style, or need. At the beginning of the semester, students are required to develop an appropriate proposal, timeline, and goals for their project. The resulting illustrations can address specific audiences and/or markets such as children’s books, editorial, corporate, CD covers, and book jackets. Projects may also be based on personal themes.”

-from the MCAD course description page

A bit daunting, no?

I’m focusing on powerful women in folktales, particularly their connections with magic and evil. When you boil it all down, the most powerful, well-known characters–Baba Yaga, Morgan le Fay, Circe, and others–are symbols of cultural inability to accept women as strong and smart of their own accord; clearly, if they’re moving up in the world, they’re using magic, and their corruption of the basic gender roles makes them evil crones to be conquered and defeated. Through my study and subsequent illustrations, I will be exposing the core qualities of a handful of characters, such as their independence, wit, and wisdom. These illustrations will be presented in traditional display format, as well as bound into mini-books (one for each character, with text from one of their most popular tales) and one large, ancient tome.

First up: Baba Yaga. Stay tuned!

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