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Busy Bee

November 16, 2011

Boy, has this semester been a whirlwind! Having three illustration studio classes and a bookmaking studio class keeps me on my toes. A few weeks ago, I went through my junior review; this is a meeting a third-year student has with three faculty members from their major. The student presents a body of work, plans for their future (both in school and beyond), and basically have a large-scale critique. I’m happy to report that I passed! All that stress and the late nights paid off, and I am officially on track to graduate after just two more semesters! It’s exciting and scary at the same time. Due to the illustration department only holding the Senior Project studio class in the spring, I will be completing my big senior thesis series/body of work next semester. I have a few ideas floating around, but man, talk about pressure!

I’m slowly working on uploading the documentation of my various projects from this semester, which I hope to have published soon. I also need to put together a post about my work at my internship this summer.

I’ll turn this space into an up-to-date process blog yet!

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