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March 13, 2010

Well, it seems that every time I have a major project coming up that I want to work on, I procrastinate. This instance doesn’t seem to be any different. So here, in random order, are some things I want to accomplish:

I want to become better at being random. A big part of my work is having fun and trying random things, but I’m finding it harder to just immerse myself lately. I end up thinking too much about a project instead of just doing.

I want to get back onto a normal sleep schedule. I find most of my inspiration and work drive late at night, which is great except that I stay up until almost six in the morning most of time, and this makes getting to class a challenge. After all, with a 1 o’clock class, that means waking up at 11 o’clock or so. Five hours is not enough sleep, no matter how much I’ve trained my body to survive on three. I know this isn’t healthy, hence my desire to change. (And that’s not to bring up the issue of having even earlier classes…)

I want to become better at drawing people, even though I find little enjoyment drawing the human figure.

I want to develop my architectural drawing more. I tend to shy away from technical and highly detailed pieces now because they take up so much time, but I really enjoy detail-oriented, precise work, and I think I should attempt to fit a few drawings in every so often.

I want to read more books. School makes it hard for me to find the time to do so.

I want to redesign my professional gallery website and either design my own CSS for this blog or find a template that I can heavily modify. I don’t like the plain white backgrounds of most of the mod-friendly templates or how blocky those are.

I want to become quicker at changing the settings on my camera. I love setting up shots and capturing the perfect lighting, but that means candid shots take a long time to set up sometimes.

I want to get back into writing short fiction.

I want to get over my fear of being noticed. This means more speaking in public, actually talking about my art, getting back into jazz.

I want to become better about keeping my blog updated.

I want to draw more for me.

I want the time to accomplish all this.

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